We see it almost everyday, from our TV screens to West End theatres - Stage Combat! From ancient Greeks to the present day, the art of stage combat has been mastered and tailored to provide a safe but affective way to portray the conflicts that occur in both real life and in fantasy. Stage combat is seen performed today in film, television and theatre. Whether it's a simple slap around the face, to the complex use of rapier and dagger, True Edge is offering a safe, fun and exciting way to learn this versatile craft from the expansive knowledge of our instructors.

Services we provide:

  • Fight choreography from qualified Equity registered fight directors
  • Qualification courses accredited by the BADC
  • Selling and Hiring of weapons
  • Corporate team building events using stunt professionals with extensive experience
  • Key Stage educational programmes and workshops
  • Fight presentations for Themed Parties, Premiers, Historical Re-enactments and Festivals
  • Creative collaboration projects

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