For a super fun, cost effective, time efficient, moral boosting, party or event, look no further than 

True Edge Events!

Within the bespoke True Edge package, we aim to deliver you all the skills required in stage fighting, always relating it to the days specific needs in a fun, safe and exciting environment.

After an Event with us, you'll understand the need, for good communication, trust, discipline, enthusiasm and most importantly you'll have fun.  

How do we do this?...

  • We teach you how to handle a light Saber and prepare you for battle with some of the iconic characters from Star wars.
  • We will teach you the skills such as flying (wire work) as seen in movies like the Matrix!
  • Sword fighting as featured in Gladiator!
  • Martial arts moves like the Dark Knight!

We will use these skills and more, to create and film a fight scene that you  can watch over and over again and have memories that will stay for years to come! We can do this all for you, in a day, two days or even a week! Whatever the time scale our custom made packages will always deliver the goods at a competitive price!



An event rival going to the cinema......Kentish Times Review