What is it?

This event brings out your teams creativity and dare-devil spirit;  it's fun, exciting and always delivers a fantastic day with entertaining results. We provide all of the professional equipment and safety professionals required to create a high quality film - you provide the creativity and performance.

The Event

Your group is divided into two teams who will then work out what role they want to play; those in front of the camera and those behind it. One group will work with the preset story board based on their favourite movie franchise, there they will establish their roles for example, director, Director of photography, lights, sound, make up.  A plan will be put into place regarding scenes/shots that they want to film.  Where as the other group will go off and rehearse all dialogue, stunts and fight routines.

Once 'in the can', the movie's will be edited as you shoot so that all films can be watched and judged at the end of the event. We will then send you copies of your films post-event.


Our events include but are not limited to:

Star Wars


Game of Thrones


Roman Warriors

Event benefits

Film making has substantial business benefits.  There is a great deal to learn from how films are made, the team structure and the importance of each team member.  Companies can use this event to promote their core and team values.

For a more detailed itinerary or for costs, locations and special requests, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

An event rival going to the cinema......Kentish Times Review