At the age of seven I started Karate. As a small boy who was up to all sorts of craziness in school, Karate was an attempt by my parents to channel my energy into a martial art to keep me out of trouble.

At 8 years old I started to think about what I wanted to become when I grew up. Watching movies and seeing my heroes do extreme feats on the big screen, such as superman and the like, like many young boys I decided I wanted to be a super hero.

Innocently asking my parents what they wanted to be when they where older (not realizing they were fully grown and had jobs already), my dad said he wanted to be a Stuntman but because of us children he had to stick to Scaffolding to pay the bills. My Dad explained to me what a Stuntman was and I began to realise that the Stuntmen were the real heroes of the movie business and it was the stunt guys and girls who were doing the hero stuff on the screen, not just the actors. My mind was made up; I was going to be a Stuntman.

Fast forward to now and here I am being asked by my very good friend Rachid, (who I studied performing arts with) to write a blog for his website about my career.

I have worked on some of the biggest movies in the world and have just finished Avengers 2 where I was the Assistant Fight Coordinator. I have worked on the last 4 of the Harry Potter films where I doubled a range of the characters including Voldermort and the Weasley twins and performed in all but the first season of Game Of Thrones. A full list of my credits can been seen on IMDB.

Fighting is my bread and butter in the stunt world and I often get put into the major fight scenes of the movies if I am not creating them that is.

I have studied many martial arts and have even done the real thing whilst owning my own security firm. In the security business I used to look after people and places and worked on the door as a Doorman (Bouncer) where I would unfortunately have to fight people every other weekend, for real.

Being in that position means I can give a realistic view on what it is like to really be in a fight. As a 3rd Dan black belt my Karate back ground helps me have the control and creativity, as well as the skill of learning long pieces of choreography, to give screen fights a certain style and finesse that the movie makers often crave.

I love choreographing the fights too, it helps satisfy my creative side and just like a dance routine it is all about footwork, rhythm and trusting your partner. The actors put a lot of trust in me to create fights that will not only make them look good but to keep them safe. I bring out the skills the actors already possess and teach them new ones they can take with them to the next show.

You can check out my Choreographers reel that shows some of my early pieces of work. Titled The Beauty Of Violence it can be seen here

Also, if you want to see me in action getting smashed up, falling and being beaten up by Denzel Washington amongst others you can have a look at my stunt reel

Becoming a Stuntman was my childhood dream and with dedication and hard work I have made it my reality.  If you train hard and stay focused you too can accomplish anything.

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